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Discover Cost of a Buying Agent, Save Time, Money, Reduce Risks with Expert Guidance in Rotterdam


Learn how investing in a buying agent can pay for itself, understand the bonus-malus arrangement, and enjoy the benefits of expert support when purchasing your dream home in Rotterdam with Makelaarskantoor Langejan.

Expat in Rotterdam in time squeeze, real estate agent helps to buy a house to avoid risks

Purchasing a home is an important and exciting event in your life. A buying agent can help you navigate the process, ensuring you confidently acquire the keys to your dream home. In this article, we discuss the cost of a buying agent, how this investment pays for itself, the advantages of hiring a buying agent when purchasing a new home in Rotterdam, and the bonus-malus arrangement.

Cost of a Buying Agent in Rotterdam

Buying agent fees typically range from 0.5% to 1.5% of the final purchase price of your home. Additionally, you can negotiate a bonus-malus arrangement with the agent, where the commission depends on the negotiation outcome. This means the agent's fees could be higher or lower, depending on the success of the negotiations.

Buying agents often charge start-up fees of around €600, deducted from the final bill. The commission is only settled at the notary, so you only pay when the purchase is final.

The Bonus-Malus Arrangement and Buying Agent Costs:The bonus-malus arrangement means the buying agent's commission depends on the negotiation outcome. If the agent negotiates a lower purchase price than the asking price, they receive a higher commission (bonus). If they don't and you pay more than the asking price, the agent receives a lower commission (malus).

This arrangement motivates the buying agent to achieve the best negotiation result for you, ensuring they work hard to secure the lowest possible price for your new home. This can lead to significant savings and aligns the interests of the buyer and agent.

Alternative Compensation Structures: Fixed Fee and Hourly Rate: In addition to commission and the bonus-malus arrangement, buying agents may offer two other compensation structures, although less common: fixed fee and hourly rate.

Fixed Fee: The agent receives a fixed amount for their services, regardless of the property value. This amount is agreed upon in advance and isn't dependent on the final purchase price. This method can be advantageous if you have a clear idea of the property you want and expect the agent to spend limited time on the buying process. However, this structure might not incentivize the agent to secure the lowest price for your new home since their compensation isn't tied to the negotiation outcome.

Hourly Rate: The agent charges a fixed hourly rate for their services. You pay for the actual hours the agent spends on your assignment. This can be advantageous if you need limited services, such as negotiation help or legal advice. However, this structure can make total costs unpredictable and potentially higher than with a commission or fixed fee structure.

It's important to note that buying agents less frequently offer these alternative compensation structures. In most cases, agents prefer commission or a bonus-malus arrangement. Nevertheless, it's good to know your options and discuss with the agent which structure best suits your situation.

The Value of a Buying Agent

A buying agent always pays for itself, ensuring a lower purchase price, a greater chance of becoming the buyer, and preventing mistakes like buying on leasehold or with foundation issues. Additionally, the agent saves you time by quickly sharing their knowledge, eliminating the need to research everything yourself. They know the market, have information on silent sales, and can communicate more easily with selling agents.

Market Knowledge and Network: A buying agent knows the local housing market inside out. They know which properties are available and which will soon enter the market. Moreover, they have access to an extensive network of other agents, providing information on silent sales and giving you the chance to bid on properties not yet listed on Funda.

Negotiations and Legal Matters

One of the main advantages of hiring a buying agent is their ability to negotiate on your behalf with the selling agent. This can often result in a lower purchase price and more favorable terms. Additionally, the buying agent has legal expertise, informing you about leaseholds, foundation issues, and other legal matters that may play a role in your home purchase.

Guidance During Viewings and Inspections

A buying agent accompanies you during property viewings, focusing on aspects you might not immediately consider, such as the property's condition, potential defects, and the surrounding area. They can also advise on enlisting a structural inspection and help interpret the results.

Administrative Support and Settlement

Purchasing a home involves various administrative and legal tasks. A buying agent assists with drafting a purchase contract, managing notarial settlement, and checking the property deed. They ensure everything is properly handled, allowing you to focus on furnishing and enjoying your new home.


Hiring a buying agent offers numerous advantages when purchasing a new home. Not only does it save you time and stress, but it can also result in significant savings on the purchase price and increase your chances of acquiring the property. While the costs of a buying agent vary and may depend on different compensation structures, it's essential to remember that this investment often pays for itself.

Don't forget to discuss potential compensation structures with buying agents, such as commission, bonus-malus arrangement, fixed fee, and hourly rate, to determine which best suits your situation. By staying informed and choosing a compensation structure that aligns with your needs and preferences, you can confidently embark on the process of acquiring your dream home.

For more information on purchasing your dream home, explore our articles for first-time buyers, movers, or view properties recently purchased by our clients. By thoroughly researching and choosing an agent that matches your needs and preferences, you increase the chances of a successful purchase and can embark on the exciting journey of furnishing and enjoying your new home.

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